Definition of Order Statuses

What does my order status mean?

Payment Status


Indicates that you have fully charged the customer for an order. All the successful orders placed using payment gateways. E.g. Authorize.Net, PayPal, Google Wallet (ex-Google Checkout), etc get this status by default.

Awaiting Payment:

The order was placed successfully, but we haven't received any funds yet. All the orders placed by offline payment methods (such as Phone ordering, etc) get this status by default.


The "Cancelled" state indicates that gateway's effort to authorize or charge the customer's credit card has failed and/or the we have had to cancel the order. Please check your email for communication from us. 


The "Refunded" state indicates that the payment for the order has been credited back to you. Please check your email for communication from us regarding this. 

Partially Refunded:

We have issued a partial refund on your order. It will not reflect on your order, but we will send you a confirmation email regarding the reason for the refund and any further details and/or instructions.

Fulfillment Status

Awaiting Processing:

It is the default fulfillment state for all the new orders.


We are busy processing your order! This is not a confirmation, but please keep an eye on your email for a confirmation once we have completed the process.

Ready for Pickup:

This status indicates that the order is ready for you to collect from our store. Please check your email to confirm collection details. If you canot make the time you indicated on your order, we will hold the package for 48 hours. If the package is not collected within this time, we will need to cancel your order. 


Your order has been shipped and is in transit. We will send you a tracking number via email, along with your estimated delivery date. Please make sure you are available to receive your order. If the delivery driver cannot deliver your order, they will attempt 2 more time (3 attempts in total). If they are still unable to delivery your order, the package will be returned to us and you will not be refunded the delivery charge. 


Indicates that the courier has delivered your order. If you have not received your order, please contact the courier to resolve the issue.

Will Not Deliver:

For some reason, we have not been able to deliver your order. Please check your email or contact us. 


The "Returned" state indicates that the order has been returned to us.