Be a La-Z-Boy® and get iClean!

When buying a new piece for your home, one of the biggest concerns is, “How can I prevent furniture stains?”

You could lurk around behind your pets and kids like Magnum PI, or cover your furniture in plastic. No one has time to shadow their children, and if you've ever sat on plastic covered furniture, you are probably well aware of the stuck-thighs situation. Painful!!

Worrying about spills and stains can drive you insane. Wouldn’t you rather spend this time with family relaxing and enjoying their company instead of worrying?

This is why iClean Fabric is a life saver.

Read on to find out more about how something as simple as fabric choice can save your sanity.

Spills Don't Stain

When accidents happen on iClean Fabric, a barrier of protection prevents the liquid from seeping into the fabric. Each fiber of iClean Fabric is coated with a stain-resistant formula allowing you to clean most spills with a paper towel. iClean Fabric repels both liquid (fizzy drinks, coffee, and wine) and non-liquid (dirt, tomato sauce or magic marker) spills.

Looks Good, Feels Great!

When people hear the fabric on their furniture will be coated with a stain-resistant formula, they often think it will feel weird to sit on. However, iClean Fabric is soft-to-the-touch and feels great to sit on. This special formula delivers the luxurious feel and exceptional comfort you expect out of La-Z-Boy®.

It is available on a wide selection of colors and patterns, so your furniture will be stylish, soft-to-the-touch, and stain-proof.

Loads of Colour and Texture Choices

iClean Fabric comes in 102 different types of colors, textures, and patterns. These styles can be applied to a wide variety of La-Z-Boy® Furniture, giving your furniture a custom look perfect for your home.

Contact Grid Home to find out what options we offer in store.

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