Container Homes - Bosch & Containerwerk welding together

By incorporating Containerwerk in its network of partners, Bosch, a leading household appliance manufacturer, is reinforcing its commitment to the business builder sector. Bosch home appliances can be found in countless homes all over the world, offering perfect results, surprisingly simple solutions, maximum reliability and transparent quality.

While modern lifestyles are changing due to the increasing shortage of living space, there has been no let-up in the high demands made on sustainable, good-quality equipment – if anything, they are rising further. With its efficient, high-performance appliances, integrated installation solutions and clear, comprehensive product design Bosch is perfectly equipped for whatever the future may bring. The company does not just offer its partners in the construction sector modern, state-of-the-art household appliances. It also assists with all questions of planning, from an extensive CAD library to individual customised solutions, as well as realisation at a practical level. This new cooperation with Containerwerk allows the company to expand its consultancy activities and services by interfacing them with a cutting-edge, modular home concept with major potential for coming years.

In an age where not just living space, but also resources are in increasingly short supply, new concepts are required – including for the home. In the context of a closed circle economy Containerwerk buys up used freight containers and breathes new life into them as a dwelling unit. This upgrading process revolves around an innovative monolithic insulation system, i.e. without thermal bridges. Manufactured all in one, it can be combined with different types of facade. Inside, there is also a whole range of options – from pre-planned to customised fit-out designs. It is only the footprint of the modules that are fixed at 12 x 2.20 meters, and several can also be combined to make one unit.

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