Nano Oil! Packed full of long lasting pro's for your furniture.

Nano Oil, simply put, extends the life of your wooden furniture. The coating can last up to 15 years, is super easy to clean and can triple the lifespan of your wood. Wood treated with Nano Oil is protected from the elements, such as extreme temperature changes or water damage and becomes a much harder surface. It can withstand direct contact with soap, dirt and water. Since it contains anti-UV polyurethanes, your furniture is also protected from the hectic African sun. No worries about leaving your furniture outside anymore!

Treated wood takes on a beautiful surface with a smooth finish, all the while enhancing the natural colour and grain.

Nano coating is suitable for porous materials, and can even be used on concrete to prevent cracking from extreme temperature changes. The treatment does not allow for water absorption, so the coating does not burst in cold conditions, and is soaked up by each pore, in such a way that all the elements and particles are protected individually.

What Nano Oil can protect against:

  • Water absorption

  • Sun damage and UV radiation

  • Effectively protects against mould

  • Any dirt on the treated surface could be cleaned only with water

  • Protects the surfaces from water, dirt and oil

  • The treated materials are visually unimpaired

  • Allows the treated surfaces to breathe

  • No health risks

  • Eco friendly and does not harm the environment

  • Long-lasting up to 15 years

Nano Oil treated wood, wood treatment, protection for your furniture
Nano coated wood. The top piece is untreated. You can see how the water is not saturated by the treated wood. It sits on the surface, ready to wipe off.

LaForma outdoor furniture comes with a standard Nano Oil treatment to ensure that it lasts for the longest time in South African conditions. Head over to the Grid Home Online Store to see what LaForma products are in stock.

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